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Benefits of Book Publishing Companies in the USA: An Educational Post for You

Writers, imagine this: you’re sitting in the most comfortable chair ever, while checking up on your whole manuscript. Truth is, finishing the first draft is just the first step to your journey: now, you’ll have to see if this is worthy for book publishing companies in the USA.

Now, you check on your plot and character profiles. Sometimes it could take us months, or even years, just to finish writing. Now’s the time to check for editing and publishing options, not to mention that you’ll also need the time to decide on that!

So, to just get you started, which option should it be?

Modern book publishing in the USA now offers a wider array of options than ever before. Now, we have e-book publishing and POD (print-on-demand) services that helps the writer pave her own publication path.

If you’re thinking about going for self-publishing, we wouldn’t say that it’s going to be easy. In reality, it’s far from easy. If you’ll need help from book publishing companies in the USA, let’s see how you’ll benefit according to your needs and objectives.

Below are the benefits of joining with us in publishing your works:

  1. Publication Speed.

With the help, you can publish your work as early as after a few months. E-book publishing can be also a faster option, which can only take a few weeks. Some book publishing companies offer a package, so you can just leave them at their own pace and speed.

  1. Creative Control.

Traditional way of publishing involves leaving the work and control to the company. Luckily, there are now lots of book publishing companies in the USA that offer self-published authors the complete control of the publishing process.

Let’s think of it as a collaboration between the author and the book publishing companies in the USA. Sure, you don’t work on-hand with the publishing, editing, and marketing process, but you can still provide your personal concepts and ideas.

Self-published authors can discuss regarding the book format, cover design, and other details on what you think will be the best for your book.

  1. Retention of Rights.

Unlike with how it works with bigger publishing companies in the USA, self-publishing means you’ll be able to retain your rights to the book as the author, which means you can do whatever you want to do with the book at any time. Similar to number 2, you also get more control rather than the constraints set by a more well-known publishing house. Although of course, there are some Print On Demand publishers that limit author rights.

  1. Online Marketing.

In late 2010, the company Cisco Systems projected that the number of Internet users would increase up to 25 billion by 2025, so by then they could have produced $3 trillion in revenue. With such growth, book marketing is now easier than ever before. The report also thought of the Internet to still be in its youth – or even its infancy – as almost five billion people have never used the Internet while fewer than one-fifth use the Internet regularly, creating a huge amount of untapped marketing potential.

  1. Virtually No Excess Inventory.

Today’s popular Print On Demand custom printing services enable the independent authors to published their books as needed, instead of creating large press runs that may leave them with stacks of unsold books.

Printing books individually, when only ordered, also keeps the authors away from having to ship and store large numbers of books. What a great way to save money and effort!

To sum, we know that book publishing has indeed progressed in the last decade, and most people think that the change is for the better. Self-publishing has empowered authors in new and exciting ways, but it still leaves the opportunity to traditional publishing methods for those who prefer them.

Looking for one of the best book publishing companies in the USA? Don’t forget to contact us here at Omni Book. Publish your work today!

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