Corporate Governance

Omnibook Co. embodies business principles with strict adherence to the highest guidelines of good corporate governance and subscribes to the philosophy of integrity, accountability, and absolute transparency in the manner of doing business. It serves as the company’s system and control to guide our operations in fulfilling long-term economic, moral, legal, social, and professional services to our clients in the publishing industry.

Mission Statement

The purpose for which Omnibook Co. is formed is to conduct business in the field of independent publishing in a manner where expenditures are orderly and accurately appropriated. The company’s mission is to provide affordability and convenience monetarily to individuals in acquiring such services in the exercise of their liberty to write & publish their ideas while maintaining the qualitative aspect of its fulfillment.

Vision Statement

Omnibook Co. is one of the most well-defined independent publishing companies in the industry. A juridical entity that is lawfully incorporated and granted statutory authority to operate locally and internationally. We continue to expand our reach to every nation as the publisher of every author and of those aspiring to be authors who tribute our brand with full gratitude and trust worldwide.


Omnibook Co. seeks to deliver the principles of good corporate governance of the company, as well as to deliver the formulated and institutionalized policies to ensure the integrity and transparency of all transactions and all other negotiations between our authors/clients and employees, managers, directors, owners, as well as to any or among of the company’s joint ventures, subsidiaries, associates, affiliates, major stockholders and its officers.


Omnibook Co. operates under a prescribed moral code for the entire organization that leverages the supremacy of discipline to all members of the association resulting to yield higher productivity at the workplace to enhance and safeguard the corporate image of the company. It defines and provides the standards of conduct expected of all employees and enumerates the actions or omissions prejudicial to the interest of both the authors and the company.

Omnibook General Operations Principles

The Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Omnibook Co. commit to adhere to the highest principles of good corporate governance as embodied in the company’s Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and Code of Conduct.

The Management  and The Board of Directors of Omnibook Co. are primarily accountable to its authors. It should provide them with a balanced/fair and comprehensible assessment in the fulfillment of the services that the company offers on a monthly basis, including royalty reports and reports on matters that could adversely affect its business, as well as reports to the company’s regulators that are required by law.

The Management and The Board members  of Omnibook Co. should act on any complaints on a fully informed basis, in good faith, with due diligence and care, and in the best interest of its authors.

The principle of fairness should always refer to the protection of the rights of company’s overall clients and all authors.

The Management and The  Board of Directors are mandated to take final responsibility to oversee the functions of the management over publishing and marketing operations in order to secure sustainability of every author’s project with due observance of fairness and transparency.

The Management should oversee the development of and approve the book’s marketing objectives and strategy, and monitor their implementation, in order to sustain the book’s long-term viability and strength.

It shall be the Management’s responsibility to foster the long-term success of the author’s book and sustain its competitiveness and profitability in a manner consistent with the author’s publishing objectives for the best interest of both parties.

The Management shall likewise ensure that every publishing project has beneficial influence in the market by continuously providing services and facilities which will be supportive of the book’s marketing strategy.