Other Services


Omnibook extends to commit exceptional service specializing constructive editorial that comprehensively provides high-standards of professional editing with a focus on technicalities of literary presentation in accordance with literary writing guidelines.

Omnibook delivers all editorial projects with exceptionally sound in concept, content, and structure. It provides grandeur polishing and in-depth evaluation for correction in it’s overall execution.


Omnibook brings short film and post production services from acoustically controlled soundstages to audio/film post production with great audio-visual solutions for book commercial ads, books branded content and author’s documentaries 

It specializes visual story telling and motion picture cinematography by its world-class, innovative, artistic production professionals with an elegant production spectrum.

Starting at
$ 0
Per Word
  • Line Editing
  • Content Editing
  • Content Editing Plus
  • Editorial Assessment
  • Developmental Editing
  • Substantive Editing
  • Structural Editing
  • Stylistic Editing
  • Manuscript Evaluation
  • Rewriting
Starting at
$ 2499
  • Book Ad's Film Services
  • 360 Virtual Tour
  • 3D Multimedia Flythrough
  • 4D Animated Cinematography
  • VFX Visual Effects
  • Book Trailer
  • Author Video
  • Hollywood Book Trailer
  • Infomercial Services
  • Textual Motion Trailers



  1. CONSULTATION with our Editorial Team will teach you how to make your manuscript become professionally crafted. They provide suggestions as to what type of editing your manuscript needs. For film services, our Production Team will give a thorough evaluation on how to develop a short cinematography, graphic & multimedia artistry of your book/story. This includes screenings, footages and design.
  2. EVALUATION of the manuscript content is necessary for classification purposes.
  3. COSTING will be appropriated based on the type of editorial service and the total number of words of the manuscript. For film services, costing will be determined depending on the complexity of the graphics and multimedia workload.
  4. PROPOSAL will be formalized for your perusal which shall be made effective upon acceptance. Editorial terms and agreement shall then be served.
  5. FULFILLMENT of our editorial services usually takes four (4) weeks or sometimes earlier depending on the length of the manuscript. For film production, time-frame varies on the length of the cinematography however it is patterned.