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Omnibook specializes in producing top-notch print products. We cater to various client types, including those publishing trade books, poetry, educational materials, academic books, and more. From children’s books and novels to memoirs and history books, we’ve got it all covered. Our team utilizes the latest technology and high-quality equipment at every stage of the publishing process.

Advance Solutions for Marketing and Distrbution

Advanced solutions in marketing and distribution.

We take pride in our expertise in book marketing. Your book will be promoted globally using proven strategies, guaranteeing the outcomes you seek.

Integrated solutions for every writer.


A good book is best recognized by its effortless readability. At Omnibook, we prioritize perfecting the typography of every published book. Our editors meticulously check for errors, ensure proper punctuation, and uphold the highest standards of English grammar.

Cover Design

A compelling book cover is crucial—it’s a key element that draws in readers. A stylish design can captivate potential buyers, so every book deserves a professional and appealing ‘dress-up.’ Our production team, filled with skilled designers, creates cover designs that exceed your expectations.

Interior Lay-out

Creating a book’s interior layout is crucial and demands technical expertise. It’s vital to professionally manage the layout, ensuring correct margins, bleeds, and font sizes. Paying attention to space and, importantly, maintaining a consistent design style for both print and digital formats is key.


Providing your book, particularly fiction and children’s books, with defined visual artwork enriches your text, offering entertainment and amusement. While the process can be complex, skilled illustrators, adept in graphics and creative design, can execute it flawlessly.

3D Animation

We create computer-generated objects, particularly for the special characters in your sci-fi, fiction, and children’s books. These characters appear to move and rotate through three-dimensional space just like they would in real life. This technological innovation represents the next generation of publishing, offering a spectacular display and adventurous experience of the characters in your book.


Our digital publishing platform is fully optimized and highly interactive, supporting the XML format. It features functionalities like flipbooks and ebooks and ensures websites are 100% responsive on all devices. Designed to meet internationally recognized standards, our digital publications are accessible on devices worldwide.

Multilingual Translations

We offer human translations in the 25 most spoken languages worldwide, including English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, French, and Russian. Our services help you connect with a multilingual audience and expand globally, ensuring all your translation needs are met.

Sales & Marketing

Book marketing has evolved. At Omnibook, we execute well-researched and smartly planned digital marketing campaigns. Using algorithms, digital marketing metrics, sales funnels, and web optimization, we ensure measurable direct responses and accountable returns on marketing investment.

Short Films

We create animated short films as added material for advertising, promotional campaigns, events, and for the author’s personal use. This is based on the book’s synopsis emphasizing the highlights or peak of the storyline creating enticement to viewers using different techniques in cinematography and integration of styles and special effects.

Our publishing process.

While online self-publishing has indeed advanced, it’s not always a straightforward task. Omnibook, therefore, offers authors a hassle-free publishing process, particularly for those who may lack technical skills or time. Not only do we assist with cover design and interior layout, but we also provide professional editing to truly bring your book to life.

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