marketing services

Omnibook accelerates your growth in the market in an immediate, diverse and cost-effective manner. Bringing developmental innovation in every strategy makes the whole campaign effectively responsive. Omnibook’s marketing services are comprehensive and are not offered in a pre-priced package. The marketing team carefully determines the accuracy of the marketing services based on a feasibility study conducted in every book and are approved by the management team prior to its implementation. 

Omnibook launches projects into the market with a close signfincant support from the whole marketing team to converge responsibly in reaching the targeted sales goals with impressive acquisitions.

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  • AudioBook Worldwide
  • Television Advertising
  • Book to Screen
  • Internet Marketing
  • Press Release Campaigns
  • Radio Services
  • Book Exhibits
  • Cinema Advertising
  • Advertising
  • Reader's Digest Marketing
  • Book Galleries and Events


our marketing process

Omnibook Co. compels its obligation to take its stand on matters regarding books’ success in the market. Taking the lead in guiding author’s book in sustaining influence in the market is a core definition of Omnibook’s marketing strength.

  1. CONSULTATION with our Marketing Team will help you strategize your marketing plan and will carefully study the effectiveness of the program.
  2. COSTING will be appropriated based on the marketing service(s) strategized by our marketing team. Not all marketing services have the same cost. It varies depending on the concept.
  3. PROPOSAL will be formalized for your perusal which shall be made effective upon acceptance. Marketing terms and agreement shall then be served.
  4. FULFILLMENT shall start upon concurrence of both signatories and shall commence upon receipt of pecuniary settlement.
  5. REPORTING will be provided on a monthly basis for every marketing service implemented for sales monitoring and inventory.