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Unsure of Which Book Publishing Platform To Choose? Look for These Qualities

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Your choice of online book publishing platform can significantly impact your work’s success. After all, publishers are responsible for creating the end product, which future readers will judge on its quality, from the book cover to the content layout. Thus, it is essential to consider book publishing services carefully before committing.

Omnibook Co., an established print-on-demand company, has compiled this list of essential factors to consider when selecting custom book printing services. Continue reading to learn more!

Accommodates Different Customizations

Every author wants their book to stand out on the shelves, so the publisher you work with must offer custom book printing services. Look for print-on-demand companies that can accommodate various customization options, including ones for binding, ink colors, and even paper types.

These elements create your piece’s physical look, which plays a massive role in how readers perceive your book. Let’s say your project requires colored illustrations to tell a story. If your chosen company does not have custom book printing services, you may end up settling with a black-and-white published copy that does not do your work justice.

In addition to book cover customization, it is also vital that the book publishing service can print your book in its needed format. For example, Omnibook Co. specializes in both physical and digital book production. 

If a book publisher only caters to one format, you may be forced to modify your book’s content which would not have been necessary when using other book publishing services.

Offers a Range of Services

Self-publishing allows writers creative liberty that traditional publishers cannot provide. However, this freedom does come with the responsibility of overseeing every book component. 

Suppose you cannot spare the time or don’t have experience in book cover design or layout. In that case, you can choose an online book publishing platform offering other services.

Some print-on-demand companies assist with pre- and post-publishing tasks, such as book cover design, interior layout, eBook conversion, and even copyright registration. Getting these services from the same publisher can save you time and money while ensuring consistency in your book’s look.

Omnibook Co. even offers marketing services to increase book discoverability, such as television and internet marketing and book galleries and events. Look for custom book printing companies that can provide these additional services so you can focus on your writing instead of the book’s production.

Updates You During Each Step

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The publishing process can take several months, not including the time you spend writing, and it can be pretty nerve-wracking not knowing how far your book is from completion. Regular updates can give you peace of mind and help track the book’s progress. Additionally, they allow for faster corrections if any errors arise.

When researching book publishing services, watch for print-on-demand companies commended for their ability to communicate with writers. Working with an unresponsive publisher can lead to unnecessary delays and book production mistakes.

Let’s say your book is in production, and there is an unexpected delay. If your chosen online book publishing platform doesn’t notify you immediately, you may miss your book’s target release date, resulting in sales and marketing losses.

It’s also worth noting that communication does not end with notifications. Your chosen custom book printing provider should also quickly respond to your book publishing concerns and inquiries.

At Omnibook Co., we keep our authors updated throughout the book production process. With this, they can easily adjust their publication plans and be confident in the book’s completion timeline.

Has Positive Reviews From Past Clients

Committing to a platform without researching your options can be detrimental to your career as an author. You risk working with an unreliable book publisher that can result in production errors later on.

Knowing this, you must take the time to thoroughly review the policies of book publishing services to ensure they will provide you with the service and quality you expect. Nowadays, print-on-demand companies like Omnibook Co. include extensive details about their services and packages on their websites.

Other than that, try to find reviews from previous clients before signing a contract. These can give insight into the publisher’s process and product quality, which are essential to a book’s success.

Testimonials can also work, but reviews are generally more reliable since they include negative aspects, if there are any. Googling book publishing services can help you find them. Still, you may also want to check forums for writers to get honest opinions.

Readers must be able to trust the book’s quality and material, so finding book publishing platforms with positive reviews can help you guarantee that your book will meet these expectations.

Meets Your Budget

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Unlike authors working with traditional publishing houses, self-publishers have to finance their project’s production. For book publishing services, this means understanding book printing costs and ensuring the publisher fits your budget.

Some print-on-demand companies offer a wide range of book publishing packages at affordable prices for authors who need quick book production. You should look for custom book printing providers with competitive rates and consider their add-ons before signing any agreement.

If possible, consider convenience when assessing book publishing services. An online book publishing platform that accommodates more than printing requests can simplify the publishing process and save you time and money.

It also must be mentioned that the best book publishing service is not always the most expensive one — you can still produce a high-quality book without exceeding your budget. Consider factors like print quality, cost, customer service, and turnaround time when selecting your publisher.


The book publishing industry is a vast and complex landscape. Finding the right online book publishing platform for authors can be tricky, given the numerous options available. 

Doing your research is crucial in avoiding any costly mistakes. The qualities mentioned above can also help you select the book publishing service that best meets your needs.

After all, a reliable publisher offering book printing services at a reasonable price is essential to the book production process. With these factors in mind, authors can rest assured that their book will reach its intended readership.

If you need a print-on-demand company that ticks all the boxes, reach out to Omnibook Co. today. 

We provide all our authors with reliable book production services ranging from paperback to hardcover editions without hidden fees. In addition, we offer post-publishing services like marketing to help you maximize book sales. Contact us and start your book publishing journey!