Looking for Book Publishing Options? Here Are Your Best Choices!

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If you are an aspiring author itching to get your masterpiece out into the world, you might feel lost on where to start. The road to publication can be bumpy, especially for wordsmiths with few connections or industry experience. For this reason, you should understand your options when finding the best publishers for new authors.

Here at Omnibook Co., we can help you reach your dreams of publishing your first novel, memoir, essay, and other works, regardless of genre. We have put together this guide on your top book publishing options, so you can decide which route is ideal for you.

Factors To Consider Before Publishing a Book

An Author Writing Their Book After Considering Various Things Before Publishing

Alt Text: An Author Writing Their Book After Considering Various Things Before Publishing

Before you publish your book, consider several aspects beyond just writing a great story. Many writers think the job is finished once they send their final manuscript to a publisher or hit “publish” on a self-publishing platform. In reality, books don’t just magically appear on bookshelves, and readers won’t quickly rush to read them as soon as they hear about them.

To help you avoid unwanted surprises, here are the essential factors to consider before putting out your masterpiece:

Perfecting the Manuscript

Even the most successful published authors will tell you that they edit and revise their manuscripts numerous times and still struggle to reach that elusive perfection.

That said, Omnibook recommends partnering with a seasoned editor who can help you create a flawless manuscript. You want to put your best foot forward when pitching your book to an agent, and presenting a polished, well-edited manuscript can make all the difference.

Editing involves several phases, including developmental edits and proofreading. Each stage matters, but not everyone needs help at every step.


If you are an independent author, you wear multiple hats. You are not just a writer but also someone responsible for editing, printing, distributing, and marketing your book. While there are the best publishers for new authors that can handle all these tasks for you, outsourcing everything can quickly add up.

With some time and effort, you can identify areas where you can trim your budget and decide when to hire a professional for specific tasks. That way, you can avoid overspending.

Connecting With the Right People

Referrals, connections, and communities are crucial to successfully publishing your first book. Start by joining writing groups and conferences. Besides getting feedback and advice, these will allow you to connect with traditional publishers looking for new authors. Furthermore, look for agents and publishers specializing in your genre.


You must learn how to market your book to reach as many people as possible. Successful book marketing requires careful planning and effort, so have clear goals. Some of the proven ways to get your work seen are:

  • Have a blog or website
  • Take advantage of social media
  • Get reviews for your book
  • Check the most popular works in your genre
  • Join the Goodreads Author Program

Different Publishing Options for New Authors

After putting much effort into your manuscript, the next step is determining the best place to publish a book. Multiple options are available, and choosing the right path depends on your objectives, resources, and target audience.

Traditional Publishing 

When people think about publishing their books, the conventional approach usually comes to mind. In this method, the author sells the publishing rights to a publishing company in exchange for an advance and possible royalties.

If you choose this route, you must find a literary agent who handles similar genres. Send them query letters—and if they are interested in your work, they will represent you to traditional publishers looking for new authors. The publisher then manages the whole publishing and distribution process.


When you self-publish, you are in charge of everything. That means you will have to write and edit your book, design its cover, and figure out how to distribute it. You might get help with some of these steps, but you will still be responsible for the final product.

Many self-publishing companies offer print-on-demand (POD) services. Instead of producing books in bulk through conventional means, books are printed “on demand” as needed. In turn, you can minimize financial risks, avoid overstocking, and easily make updates to existing titles. Moreover, some publishers like Omnibook offer editorial, marketing, and distribution services on top of POD so that you can streamline your publishing efforts.

Hybrid Publishing

Under hybrid publishing, you can retain ownership and creative control from self-publishing while benefiting from traditional companies. Most hybrids may ask for upfront costs in exchange for better collaboration and a higher royalty rate.

Hybrids have close ties with distributors and retailers. Furthermore, they offer customized services to fit your needs— some companies provide branding solutions to support your book’s launch. You can also use the high royalty structure to your advantage, especially if you want to make back-of-room sales while still having the opportunity for traditional retail distribution.

How To Choose the Best Publisher for New Authors 

If you want to have the support of a publishing house and broader distribution reach, consider traditional publishing. With this approach, the publishing company takes on the financial risks and responsibilities of the publishing process. However, this also means you must give up certain rights to your work and receive a lower royalty rate.

Meanwhile, choose self-publishing if you want complete control over your work from start to finish. It allows you to retain all rights to your work and use it however you like. You can also earn more because there is no middleman involved. But since you oversee the entire process, you foot the bill on any work you outsource.If you want the best of both worlds, hybrid publishing may be right for you. You pay upfront costs for publishing services but retain control and ownership over your work. However, the initial expenses are usually steep, and the return on investment is not guaranteed, posing a financial risk.

Ultimately, finding the best publisher for new authors is vital. Here at Omnibook, we offer a full suite of services to help you with every step of the publishing process, ensuring quality and consistency.

When you partner with us, you can benefit from editorial support, marketing advice, custom-design solution, and more. Our fulfillment network can get your books to over 150 countries while providing top-quality POD books at budget-friendly prices.


Your ideal means of publishing will depend on your goals, preferences, and resources. When you work with a reputable publishing company like Omnibook, you can easily navigate the complex process and ensure your masterpiece is presented in the best possible light.

Let us help you kickstart your publishing journey. Reach out to us today to learn more about our proven solutions!