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Want To Self-Publish a Book? Here’s What You Need To Know About Hardcover Printing Services

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Every writer has a reason for writing. Some do it for catharsis, while others for self-expression. There are even writers who venture on this path to share knowledge with the public. Regardless of the motivation, writing eventually leads to publication.

Publishing a book is no easy feat, though, with countless writers vying for the attention of established publishing houses. Many spend years seeking the right publisher, and in some cases, they are left with more rejections than they can count on one hand.

Fortunately, self-publishing allows writers to put their work out into the world without facing the competitive landscape of traditional publishing. With hardcover book printing services, you can become an author and share your thoughts with others.

Omnibook Co. offers hardcover book printing with no minimum quantity required. Our publication team is here to assist you with your work, providing tips about the various components needed to bring your book to life.

The Benefits of Using Hardcover Book Printing Services

Creative freedom is the most crucial advantage that self-publishers have. There are no gatekeepers on this route, meaning you can pursue any genre and incorporate themes and topics with little to no worries. Writers find this aspect of self-publishing incredibly refreshing.

Moreover, you set your own timeline. Writers who work with publishing houses have strict deadlines, which can be stressful if you are used to writing at your own pace. Using custom hardcover book printing services, you can spend as much time as needed to refine and polish your work before putting it out into the world.

Lastly, you have the final say in every step of the publishing process— not just writing. You can decide on the book cover, printing materials, and binding style, giving you more control over your piece.

It’s worth noting, though, that self-publishing entails greater responsibility. Without the support and guidance of a publishing house, you will be responsible for any errors that may occur during the printing process. This is why it would be best to research the various publishing components as early as now.

The Key Components of Published Books

Book Cover

Despite popular belief, people do judge books by their covers. It is, after all, the first thing readers see. Given this, your book’s cover should be equally attractive and informative. Be sure to make it eye-catching, memorable, and reflective of the content inside the piece.

Aside from creating or commissioning a design, you must also decide on the type of cover you want. In this case, there are two options: paperback and hardcover. Paperback books have soft covers, either made from stock or paperboard. These are lightweight and more affordable, both for self-publishers and readers.

On the other hand, hardcover books have sturdier frames, which can be made from bookbinder boards wrapped with acid-free paper or leatherette. This book cover provides a more luxurious experience, making it the preferred choice for collectors.

Paper and Ink

Sitting between the front and back covers are the inked papers. These components may seem less important than others, but they affect the reading experience, especially if you plan to include illustrations or images in your work.

The paper used to print your book can either be crème or white, with varying thicknesses. Graphic novels, children’s books, and photo collections generally feature white paper to prevent alterations in the colors of their illustrations. Meanwhile, crème paper offers a more traditional feel, which is why it’s commonly used in short story collections and fiction books.

In terms of printing, you can either go for the standard black and white or colored print. Some hardcover book printing services offer different print qualities for colored works, but these two are standard selections. Black and white printing costs less but isn’t recommended if you have pictures in your piece.


The binding style is directly related to the cover type. As previously mentioned, paperback covers are usually made of paper or paperboard. These books are traditionally perfectly bound, meaning the sheets are glued to the book’s spine.

Meanwhile, hardcovers have several binding options, two of which are case and jacket laminate. If you opt for the former, your personalized hardcover book will have its design printed directly on the bookbinder board.

On the other hand, jacket lamination features a dust jacket with a printed cover design. In some cases, the actual board can have the engraved title, too, for a more personalized touch.

Written Content

Of course, you can’t forget your own writing. It’s the foundation of your book, making it the most crucial component.

Every writer has a unique writing style and process, but editing is standardized, regardless of the revisions your content needs. Many aspiring authors believe they can self-edit to save money but having a different set of eyes go through your work can save you a lot more in the long run.

Apart from grammar and spelling, content editing also entails structure and style. Does your book have logical transitions between chapters? Is there any room for improvement regarding its narrative arc? It pays to invest in professional editors to ensure that your personalized hardcover book only features quality content.

Publish Personalized Hardcover Books Through Omnibook Co.

With a quick search online, you will find numerous hardcover book printing services available. Not all of them are created equal, so it pays to be selective.

Find custom hardcover book printing services with no minimum order requirement. This way, you can freely experiment with customizing your work without breaking the bank. Customization and added services, such as book and layout design, are bonuses.

At Omnibook Co., you get more than hardcover book printing services with no minimum number of copies required. You can also receive assistance with other parts of the publishing process, such as content editing, copyright registration, and marketing. Reach out to us today to get started.


Self-publishing has become more accessible, allowing aspiring authors to print their books and share their stories with the world.

The process is intricate, so writers must prepare by learning the many components of custom hardcover book printing. The content may be the most crucial aspect but cover design and binding style can also affect a book’s success.

If you are looking for hardcover book printing services with no minimum order requirement, you can count on Omnibook Co. to help you through the publishing process. Get in touch with us today for more information about custom hardcover book printing and other services we offer.