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Self Publishing Websites: Helping Make Your Dreams a Reality

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Authorship is a dream that many writers long to achieve. In the past, few were able to make it through the arduous process of getting published, and even then, there was no guarantee that their work would be widely read or appreciated.

The arrival of self-publishing has changed this dynamic dramatically. By taking control of the publishing process, authors can share their work with the world without relying on traditional publishers’ whims.

Unfortunately, self-publishing is no walk in the park. It involves a great deal of organization and planning to ensure that all aspects— from conceptualization to distribution— are handled properly.

Omnibook Co. has put together this guide to help writers who wish to become self-published authors. Read on to learn more.

Start With What You Love

Most, if not all, authors begin their journey because they genuinely enjoy writing. It may have started as a childhood hobby, an activity for personal growth or a means to share a unique perspective with the world.

Regardless of your reason for writing, you must keep your passion aflame since it can help you stay motivated throughout the process. If possible, write a piece that actually interests you instead of simply telling a story you think your target audience will read.

See, becoming a self-published author is akin to pursuing a career. You will have deadlines to meet, requiring you to dedicate a significant number of hours to finish your book. Other than that, you also need to look through numerous self-publishing websites to find the one that best suits your needs.

It’s normal to get tired or demotivated at times, so having to write something you have no passion for can make publishing your own book more challenging. Of course, you can incorporate specific trends and tropes into your concept, but make sure that the base of your work is something that you actually like.

Take Your Time With Conceptualization

It takes months to publish your own book, which means you need more than your writing to complete the process. Knowing this, don’t rush when brainstorming about possible concepts.

Take some time to think about the message you want to convey to your future readers. While doing so, consider other factors, such as genre, book length, and target audience. Each of these elements will affect the details you include in your story, so you must develop a comprehensive guide before penning the first chapter.

Another step you can take is to review your old writing and see if you can use them as the foundation for your draft. This is especially useful if you’ve written a few articles, poems, or short stories in the past that haven’t been published. Who knows? One of these pieces may have the potential to become an interesting novel!

Other writers also do their research during conceptualization, and you can do the same if you wish to learn more about current trends that the market enjoys. For example, looking through research papers or having a few conversations with industry experts is a great way to increase your knowledge base if you’re pursuing a highly technical topic.

Build a Team You Can Rely On

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Self-published authors may have creative liberty but not the luxury of having a publishing house’s support. As such, you must find capable professionals to help you in areas where you lack expertise.

For instance, editing is a vital component of the publishing process and freelance editors can be hired to check your writing for mistakes and provide constructive feedback. You may also need an illustrator to create visual aids that complement your work or even the book cover if you have no experience doing either.

An alternative is to find the best self-publishing websites that offer pre- and post-publishing services. Omnibook Co., for example, can assist you with book layouts, copyright registration, and distribution.

Working with a self-publishing website that can accommodate requests beyond printing can simplify the process and free up time for you to work on your content.

Create Goals and Seek Constructive Criticism

Setting goals or checkpoints is a great way to measure your progress when you publish your own book. If, for example, you’ve written and edited the first two chapters, why not set a deadline to complete three more before the next week?

Another tip is to look for unbiased feedback that can further improve the quality of your writing. You can submit your work to writing communities, inviting people to read it and listening to their comments.

However, you must take these reviews with a grain of salt and use the constructive criticism provided to enhance what you have written. This way, you don’t get too distracted or demotivated if someone points out an issue in your work.

Finally, remember to take breaks from time to time and enjoy the creative process you’re going through. When we become too occupied with our projects, it’s easy to miss out on the fun journey of writing and publishing a quality book.

Don’t Give Up

“Don’t give up!” typewritten on paper

Self-publishing is challenging, and the finish line may take months to reach. As disheartening as it can be at times, don’t give up when things get complicated.

Think of it as an adventure with many stories to tell after reaching the end. You’ll eventually complete your book and sell copies with enough dedication and effort.

In addition, remember to celebrate the small successes along the way, such as finishing a chapter or having someone review your work. These milestones are just as crucial in motivating you during the publishing process.


Self-publishing is a bold step into the unknown. It requires authors to take charge of every detail, which can be overwhelming for many writers. However, with the right team and support from other authors and professionals in the publishing industry, it’s possible to become a successful self-published author.

Start by doing your research and building a reliable network of people who can help you along the way. Create achievable goals and look for constructive criticism that’ll elevate the quality of your work. Lastly, remember to enjoy the process and celebrate small successes as they come.

Omnibook Co. is a self-publishing website dedicated to helping authors publish their own books. We can also help you with design and marketing matters, allowing you to focus on writing. If you’re ready to take your work to the next level, browse through our website and start your journey toward becoming a self-published author today. You may also reach out today to learn more about the process and our offerings.