Book Printing in New York, USA: 5 Ways to Help Your Book Stand Out 

Even words for writers can’t describe enough the feeling of getting your work published with a book printing in New York, USA. As an author, there are many exciting milestones in your journey. 

Launching your first book is no easy task. Trust us when we say that it doesn’t even get any more comfortable with your second. It takes time to master the craft of marketing, as it requires months of preparation.  

Becoming a ‘published author’ just means that you’re only about to embark on your journey, that there are more rewards that await you! But before that, let’s settle with a goal: to market your book successfully. 

As a book printing company in New York, USA, we are often asked about the different ways to add distinction to our projects. We always answer them back with the features we provide to give a unique look with less extra costs.

With so many authors publishing new books every single day, you need to make your text stand out to reach with readers.

Sure, it’s a tedious task, but did you know that there’s a way to make book printing as easy as 1, 2, 3? We won’t just give you three here—here are our five tips to help you increase your book sales.

Read more to find out the 5 ways to make your book irresistible, whether it be a manual, handbook, novel, or any other writing type: 


  1. Non-Traditional Dimensions

Self-publishing your books gives you the freedom to choose whatever you think is best for your work! We’re just here to help you out make it to the finished product. 

One of the many benefits of going for a custom book printing is that you can opt for a non-standard size and/or orientation. If you want your book to stand out, the first thing you can do is to not choose what’s already standard in published books. 

Do you want it to be other than the 6″ x 9″ or 8.5″ x 11″ book size? Do you think that the portrait orientation looks too ‘ordinary’? You see, these are just standards, and you’re not required to follow suit. 

Even the smallest of details can make your book more appealing. Perhaps, you may try a landscape or square orientation to give a more distinct look. Another way to add uniqueness is to make it as a “mini-book” or even go for the “oversized book.” 


  1. Cover Copy Polish

Omnibook’s Cover Copy Polish service also helps you improve your book’s appeal as it makes your book’s text ahead of the rest. In your self-publishing journey, we’ll work together— we’ll give you suggestions and listen to your own inputs. 

You have the power to choose the material that will be your book cover. With your ideas, we offer book cover design to turn it into a professional and marketable one. 

The Cover Copy Polish service comes in with the review and optimization of your work’s back cover text, hardcover dust jacket flaps (if applicable), author bio, and any other material you’ve submitted. 


  1. 3D/HD Illustrations

3D/HD Illustration offers a creative art technique that can add high-impact designs to a book’s cover and content. The illustrations can help young readers associate pictures with words and provide an eye feast to the reader’s eyes.

This also helps your readers improve their reading comprehension. Also, the illustrations can hold the attention of the reader to move on to the next pages. 


  1. Laminated Cover

Let’s find out another way to enhance the appearance of your book: through laminated covers. As simple as it may sound, this transparent plastic film bonded to the book cover can entice a younger market. 

Also, it comes in a variety of finish choices, including gloss, matte, and “soft touch.” Your book can surely stand out with this added look and feel. Another good thing is it also adds protection against stains and creases. Overall, it also helps to extend the life of the book.


  1. Rounded Corners

Besides the size, self-publishing can tailor your book needs by rounding both corners opposite the spine. This is also one of the best ways to give distinction to your book printing.  

It adds an aesthetic quality to the book, but rounded corners also lessen the risks of bent corners and dog-eared pages. By reducing the wear and tear, it can help your book preserve its professional appearance, too. 

There are thousands of new titles being released every year, so the competition in the publishing world is pretty tight. Don’t lose hope, though! Simple things such as below can set your work apart from others and stay ahead of the competition. 

After all, before we read, we see first. The first few seconds of checking the book cover can either make or break your book printing success in New York, USA. 

However, it also takes more than a beautiful book cover to lure readers in—content is as essential.

Make your publishing dreams happen! Omnibook is a dedicated publishing company that aims to help authors find new ways in the self-publishing business. With the best technology and marketing solutions, we deliver innovative services all over the world. 

Want to ask for more help with your upcoming book project? Just give us a call at 866-216-9965 or click here. Let us be part of your book printing success! 

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