important notice

To ensure authenticity of the contact person representing Omnibook Co., the email address must bear the domain name of our company website like in the sample below:


We only use one (1) official email address obtained from GMAIL  domain which is:  


Such email obtained from the said domain is only used exclusively for business registration purposes as well as transactions concerning legal matters.  All other business correspondence that are nonidentical to any or all of this stipulation shall have no juridical binding to the company.

In any course of telephone commerce, all our employees use 1-866-216-9965 with a designated extension number and a state-based local number 1-202-738-1322 only. Otherwise, we will be unable to recognize such contact and shall be unaccountable to indemnify any loss as may be implied.

To further ascertain identification, you may contact us through the numbers and addresses listed in the contact page or you may fill-out the fields in “verify your representative” section at the right side of this page for authentication